Where did the name OccuVision come from?

Occupational Therapy + Vision Rehab Services = OccuVision Therapy Services

What is occupational therapy?

A rehabilitation profession dedicated to improving independence and quality of life. We specialize in improving the lives of persons whose functioning is limited by vision problems.

Why are your services provided in the home?

Through experience, we have found that clients make more functional improvements when they are trained and practice tasks in their own home environment.  In-home therapy services also remove the challenges created by low vision and transportation to a clinic.

Are your services covered by insurance?

Yes, Medicare and most private insurances cover our services.  We also offer self -pay options.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Ask your doctor to fax a referral to us at 844-646-0337 for “Occupational Therapy for Visual Skills Training.” We will call you to schedule the appointment upon receiving the referral.