“I feel more confident and independent in my home. I always look forward to our sessions.” — Tiana W.

“My therapist was so patient, personable, easy to work with, and a good teacher. I learned so much about how to use my iPad and iPhone. It gave me hope that I could still do things with my vision.” –Marilyn S.

“Thank you for coming to my home and suggesting ways to help. I use my magnifier to read and can go up and down the stairs safely now.” –Robert D.


“Before my therapist starting working with me, I wasn’t doing anything but failing, bumping into walls and cabinets. Now I’m able to maneuver in my house safely, read my medications with my magnifier, use my microwave and make calls on my phone. Working with OccuVision has given me a road on how I can be as independent as possible” –Jerry R.