How do you know if low vision rehab is right for you?

We discussed some of the facts and myths about low vision rehab in our previous post. Now, we will discuss “how do you know if low vision rehab is right for you?”

Vision loss can be caused by many different medical conditions. It is often an invisible change, making life less enjoyable, difficult, or unsafe. If you, a family member, or a friend are experiencing difficulty completing daily activities due to vision loss, then vision rehab services will be beneficial.

Common complaints by those living with vision loss are:

“I cannot see well enough to use a knife to chop food,”

“Dialing numbers on my phone is becoming too difficult,”

“I have to sit very close to my TV in order to see the screen,”

“I can no longer read the small print in the newspaper.”

“I’m making mistakes with my medications because I cannot read the bottles.”

“ I’m scared to go up and down the stairs, as it is hard to judge the depth.”

Vision rehab questionnaire

The following ten, multiple choice questions (Warren, 2009) will assist in determining if you, a family member, or friend are experiencing functional difficulties related to vision loss.  It may be helpful to take the completed survey to your next doctor’s appointment, discussing the possibility of low vision rehab services.  The earlier you participate in low vision rehab services, the sooner you will gain the skills and knowledge to live successfully, despite declining vision.

Click here to download the questionnaire Vision Questionnaire

Living with low vision does not have to be isolating!  Remember not to try navigating this journey alone!

Source: Warren, M.  (2009).   Suggestions:  Starting a low vision rehabilitation program in healthcare using occupational therapy.  Hoover, AL:  visABILITIES Rehab Services, Inc.

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