Hello world!

It is our pleasure to introduce OccuVision Therapy Services!

We are an independent private practice, owned by two occupational therapists, Catherine Holsten & Leah Holland Fischer. The name “OccuVision” comes from the words Occupational Therapy and Vision joined together, as we are occupational therapists who are passionate about improving the lives of persons living with vision loss.

From over 25 years of combined clinical experience, we have come to appreciate the urgent need to provide customized vision rehabilitation services to improve patient quality of life. While working in a traditional hospital setting, we recognized the need for personalized, in-home services to help those with visual impairment to reach their maximum potential.  Our dream became a reality in 2016, when we formed OccuVision Therapy Services. We strive to provide flexible and immediate appointments that ensure the best care for our patients, within their homes. Utilizing our strong professional experience and education, we are excited to offer our unique services to meet the therapy needs of all patients.

We look forward to working with you!

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